happy easter everyone!!! I just got back from singing the hallelujah chorus in church and on the way back I saw a chipmunk carrying a plastic easter egg

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Anonymous: Weapon of choice for the zombie apocolypse??

a big cookie so I can eat it and die in style

Anonymous: can you share your secret to being so perfect

aw im far from perfect but it makes me super happy that you think that of me!! ♡

Anonymous: Fun fact: You are a cutie patootie

fun fact: ilysm and I wanna kiss ur cute babe face


Joyce Manor by Alvin Carrillo on Flickr.

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - The Classic Grand, Glasgow. 10/4/14

Balance And Composure @ Ritual, January 17, 2014
35mm film
please keep the credit

The Front Bottoms by sconevibes on Flickr.

Citizen by Kaitlyn Hodnicki on Flickr.